*Guest Blog* Talking about Normal Things

There are some conversations that are etched in your mind for quite some time, if not forever. Before you think this is about love, I would like you to know it’s not. It’s simply about conversations between two human beings, about the things they feel nice about, devoid of any judgement. The incredible bit about such conversations is that they are honest, spontaneous and flow uninhibited like loosely held particles in space. They fill you with energy and you can actually feel the purity of your thoughts in your heart. Suddenly, the shackles have been broken and your heart beats become music.

You love the trance. You dig the happy high, and like a trek through the untamed mountains, you want to put your backpack down and rest for a while to let the euphoria sink in. You resume. You speak, you listen, you comprehend and you speak again. Your mind is now a powerful nuclear reactor and the molecules are breaking and making at great speed. You feel the dopamine hurtle through your veins. And then, after a climactic moment when everything is one with your soul, the euphoria becomes memory.

But the reservoir of peace it has made inside you, sustains. It’s human instinct to try to hold on to what we love, to the extent that we can. For instance if you have had a great date, you ask him or her out again. If the dress on that mannequin captivates you, you want to buy it and put in your closet. But when you find your mind resonate with someone else’s, you transcend the universe. There’s no looking back.

These conversations are like waterfalls – you are already there and you are gazing up at the floating water droplets, continuously washing down on your face.


To repeat is necessary when there is a sense of words left unspoken, matters left incomplete. And here you never expected a thing, it just happened, so there is no finish line to reach, no dents to repair. The reservoir of words spoken is right there in your memory. You know you can go back to it anytime you want. It will continue to flow into the other compartments in your mind and induce happiness. It’s inside you. And only you know about it because it’s your very own.

  • Sampriti

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  1. livvypb says:

    “These conversations are like waterfalls”
    Love this. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unabated, unrestrained. 🙂 *got my shy girl to finally write this piece*

      Liked by 1 person

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